Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Days Off!

I am getting pretty spoiled not having to hit the door by 7am. I am making up for it by digging in and getting the kennel into shape. Really, just a fluke that I have exactly the right amount of time for the caulk to cure falling when I finally get my car back to go buy the supplies, with the right weather to pull it all off.

I caulked the new concrete, this should make it easier to clean and I also water-proofed the concrete. I am hoping this makes a world of difference on my ability to get sun-baked poop off the concrete. Oh the stuff, I never used to think about.

The kennel will be 8 years old this November and it is showing the wear and tear of non-stop dogs. Now, that the website is done, I hope to get back to designing a new, better kennel. Once that is up and running, the old one is going to get a makeover!

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