Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No, Really I am Just Fine All By Myself

You don't have to include me in your playtime, my feelings will not be hurt. The rest of me will be hurt if you don't take this wrestling match to somewhere other than between my knees.

The only one missing from these shots is Max. He is a small and white Westie. Picture the mix, one tiny white blur mixed with three large caramel colored dogs. I can't believe I missed that photo.

When Good Dogs Have Bad Names

Cujo! Really, that face belongs to a Cujo?!

"My dog can't fly."

"Honey, no one's dog can fly.", that is what I thought when I started to laugh. (I am truly easy to amuse when running on very little sleep.)

So, she said it again, "My dog can't fly."

Clearly, one of us was not getting the picture because she kept saying it and I kept laughing.

Finally, she laughed and explained that due to Hurricane Ike, her dog would not be flown, via an airplane, into the Salt Lake Airport. He was schedule to stop over in Houston but all the in coming flights had been canceled. Instead of leaving their dog stuck for days in baggage handling, they opted to have him stay a bit longer and arrive next week. So, he will finally land in Salt Lake sometime after they close on their new house and I won't get to babysit him.

Gee, I can't tell you how disappointed I am. I was really looking forward to meeting a dog named Kitty.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ouch! The Flying Leap of Love Crosses the Line into Corporal Punishment

It was bad enough with Indie and Cole jumping up on me at every opportunity. They are pretty small and I was mostly worried about my shins and calves being destroyed. Then came Kodi and his sister, Hannah. They are the big kids this week and they are all about getting me to join in their fun. Turns out their definition of fun includes starting their nails at my shoulder blades and working their way down.

I was trying to document this horrible doggie sitter abuse by holding the camera over my head. Guess what I learned...it hurts more when it is the shoulder down on the front. What I won't suffer for a good picture.

All of this has me hoping for cold weather so that I can wear my heavy canvas coat and save my own hide. In the mean time I am using my tennis racket as a defensive weapon.

Heading for Higher Ground

Buttons seems to have the right idea. If he can look the big dogs in the eye, maybe he can keep them from chasing him around.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Thank God For The NO SHOW!

Wow, I never said that before. 'No Shows' are usually greeted with much more colorful language. But, this weekend I have an extra set of dogs, so having someone blow me off was a good thing.

I was having a heck of a time with 'No Shows' a couple of years ago. It was just driving me mad. My husband suggested that I start taking credit card numbers, just like hotel do. No one forgets to cancel a hotel reservation anymore. That would work up until someone figured out that I don't have a credit card machine. Instead, I starting making a point of taking phone numbers and to call and confirm everyone's reservations. I try to do this on the Monday of each week for that weekend's guests. Let's not talk about all the times that the calls made on Thursday or not at all.

Yesterday, I was waiting, impatiently, for someone who was supposed to arrive 'Before 10am' as I had to take my baby to a 10am doctor's appointment. I gave up at 9:45 and headed into Price. I was waiting for the call on my cell to tell me they got to my place and I was gone, but that never happened. I got home to no new dogs and they ever did show up yesterday. (This has to be the one reservation in months that got written down without a phone number.)

Gee, I wonder what Thurday, before 10am that they are really going to show up for?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Super Balls of the Dog World

Big and Bouncy just met with Big and Bouncy. Smokey vs Max.

It is like they are made out of rubber the way they ricochet around the play yard. No, maybe more like Flubber - the more they bounce, the MORE they bounce.

DUCK and COVER! Save yourself! They aren't big on steering.


I have a couple of brand new clients this week, Cole and Indie.

Being the new kid is always a little stressful around here. When you are the new dog, everyone wants to meet you, right away, and all at once. No cocktail party ever had the intensity of greeting that the play yard can muster up. That is a lot of butt sniffing for any dog to endure. Cole had it evener harder than usual. First, whenever a dog arrives they are always the new kid to the rest of the group, even if they have been here eleventy billion times. Cole was not only the new kid, this was his first visit to the ranch plus the first time he had ever been boarded, any where. Tough day for the little guy.

What made it worse was that he got stuck as the new kid from Sunday to Tuesday night. Everyone else is here for the long haul and it wasn't until Tuesday after dinner that someone else, Indie, got to take the title of new kid.

Cole very much enjoyed passing the title on and joined in the group in an overly enthusiastic welcome to Indie.

Now that the meet and greet sniffing is over, the newbies have banded together and are having a blast.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Missed Opportunity

I was psyched about having Pepper, Max and Amica here for the holiday weekend. Three standard poodles; one black, two gray. It was going to be a blur of curls.

Amica's mom had to cancel her trip due to the birth of a new great grand baby. Best reason ever to have to cancel a vacation.

I guess it was just as well. I can't find the charger for the digital camera.


I was right the computer was dying. Since, for once, I did backup all of my data, it wasn't the hard drive that failed. It was dust clogging up the fan on the CPU and the copmuter shut down to save itself.

We were on the right track when we opened up the box and started vacuuming. Only when we pulled the big chip off, we bent some pins stuffing it back in. Maybe I have forgotten everything I ever knew when I worked as a computer nerd way back when in Chicago.

There is some good from all of this. One, I got a lot more done around the house without blogs to read and write. Two, we didn't bounce any checks - my checkbook is an excel spread sheet. Three, we found a great computer guy in town. Call me for his name and number when your computer goes belly up.