Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's in a Name?

Just like the Harley motorcycles, dogs named Harley come in many different Models.

I had a Miniature Pincher and a Chihuahua named Harley at the same time last weekend.

I have a Boxer, a German Shepard, a Roitwieller, a Shitzu, and a Pomperanian. Those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. Last time I worked on my database, I had about 48 different Harleys and I haven't even tried to type in any dogs from this year.

Buddy is another popular name, along with Sadie, Smokey, Magie, and Roxy. There are two different Boxers named Roxy but, they have never been here at the same time. So getting two Buddy's, both Dachshunds, is some new and unusual and really a bit of a pain keeping them straight and in the right kennel!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Art of Drumming Up Traffic for Your Blog By Commenting on Mine

There is more to getting people to read your blog than to just post a comment asking to view your blog.

The best way to get my attention and that of readers is to post something witty, funny or insightful. If your posts are consistently interesting, not only will I search out who you are, so will my readers.

Really, what you post makes a difference. I wish you well with your blogging!

Miss Bailey

Miss Bailey is shy of the camera.

Miss Bailey is afraid of the brush, so I have to let her molt in this heat.

But she is not shy or afraid of the big dogs.

To a point, anyway.

So, Miss bailey gets some time alone and the big kids get to keep on wrestling.