Thursday, January 28, 2010

There is a Real Disadvantage to be Low to the Ground in Snow

Snow Dreads!

Forget Corn Mazes, The Dogs Have a Snow Maze!

I only had 2 big dogs and they did a decent job knocking down the snow into a firm pack that you don't sink into anymore. But they did all that hard work only on the back half of the play yard. I kept all the little guys on the front side with me. I noticed that they were only running back and forth infront of the kennels where I had shoveled the snow away (so the gate would open). So I started stomping around and making them pathways through snow so they would have some where to go.

I had to re-stomp all the paths for little Rocky to use today. Only, he really does prefer to inside.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

That show Determination!

Watch Harley chase and chase after Booker and Copper. He is driving through snow deeper than he is high to keep up. And to make the job even harder; when a dog is that low to the ground with snow that deep, they tend to pick up their own weight in snow dreads hanging from their bellies and bottoms.