Saturday, December 22, 2007

Funny Dog Pictures

Duchess and Rosie

I read those names on the calendar and got a mental picture of a matched set of Shitzus. I was right about the matched set, I just got the scale all wrong.

Rosie is ten and Duchess is one. Rosie usually doesn't bunk with her kid sister and her mom was worried that 'the baby' might drive her nuts. ( I had a little flash of the future with my daughter at age ten being driven crazy by her new sibling) Rosie seems to be doing just great, since we have 3 other wild and bouncy dogs to where Duchess out.

Rosie and I try to hang out, we old ladies need to stick to together, and stay out of the way of the 'kids'.

Did Anyone Get the License Number of Those Dogs that Ran Me Over?

I get bumped, knocked, bruised and bounced into the fencing, but as rule, I don't get knocked off my feet. Yesterday, Duchess and Lucy took my feet right out from under me. These two have already crashed into my chair and a tree, so I should have been watching out a bit more - steering is clearly not a priority for them.

They both hit me just above the ankle and I went down. I am just glad that I had my hands out of my pockets or I would have landed teeth first into the snow.

Kibble Envy...It is Never a Pretty Thing

Thursday, December 20, 2007

White Christmas! Ba Humbug!

White Christmases have never been my thing. Even before 'White Christmas' meant canceled appointments, I always thought it was mean to wish for something that was going to mess up everyone's travel plans.

If you are one wishing for snow this year, you must have been a very good boy or girl - we are getting the whitest Christmas that I can remember. Mother Nature is making up for no rain this October by dumping and dumping on us this December. This is our second session of an all day and all night snow. Normally, when we get a dumping and I break out the shovels and by lunch the sunshine will finish clearly the driveway for me. I can't remember it snowing and snowing and snowing without stopping, ever, before this winter.

But back to Christmas wishes, I must have been a very good girl, too, because I got what I wished for this Christmas...a kennel full of good doggies.

This group is having a great time with each other and with all the snow. This is when my job is its best, instead of needing my supervision, they entertain me to no end. And get this, BB hasn't even arrived yet - this is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Little Buddy, Little Buddy, Big Buddy...

too many Buddies for me.

Sadie and Her Ball

The never ending game of fetch. That is until my husband sailed her ball over the fence and into the plums.

Button, Button, Whose's Got the Button?

We do!

Button was not doing to well on her first visit to the ranch. She had her tail tucked so high that she was giving herself a wedgie. My husband to the rescue - all dogs love him.

They Can Keep This Up FOREVER!

Hard Dog to Photograph

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

The One with the Waggily Tail?

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Day Off, Well Almost...

Scooter went home at dinner time and I have a completely empty kennel. That never happens anymore. I have 3 dogs coming today, so not exactly a whole day off, but I did get out of a bedtime shift and a breakfast one. WooHoo! When it is this cold, that is a vacation day! I even got to sleep in, wow!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Your guess is a good as mine.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out what breeds of dogs combined to make Smokey.

Putting the PLAY back in Playtime.


The Dynamic Duo verses The Mighty Mights

Finally, they are having some fun.