Thursday, August 21, 2008

And Still More Pictures to Sort Through

I have made it as far as April 11th, 2007 and I have gotten the blog folder down to 5.97GB from 6.6.

Well, it is a start.

I was wrong yesterday. I really don't remember as many names as I thought. Nor do I take the same picture of the same dog.

Those noses are not the same. One is Molly, who is currently with me, and the other, I have NO IDEA. I may have to go and read my old blogs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Computer Acts Like It Is Going To Die Any Day Now

So I decided to take my own advice and BACKUP my files.

So, I cleaned up My Documents and put all the loose files in the folders they belonged in. Then I did the same for My Pictures. Yikes, I can't back up My Pictures because it is over 10 GB. The backup DVD only holds 4.4 gigabytes.

Man, that is a lot of pictures.

Oh gee! 6.6 GB of those picture are in the 'blog' folder.

Man, that is a lot of DOG pictures.

I believe some editing will be required. And as I start cleaning out 3 years of dog photos, I have learned a few facts. One, I take far too many pictures of dog's butts, dog backs, and dog legs. Two, that I have a preponderance of photos that show only the ground. Three, that I can still recognize and name dogs going back to 2005. Wow. And finally, and something I didn't know. I keep taking the same photo of the same dog - over and over again.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carry Not Fetch

Frisbee Dog!

I finally got a frisbee dog! I was stoked when I spotted the frisbee in Phanny possessions. Finally, a Frisbee Dog.


She is more into Carry, than Catch.

Phanton, Really, That's Your Name?

When I read 'Phantom' on the calendar, I pictured a really big, really black dog. Actually, no, the first thing I pictured was a guy in a skin tight purple suit that lived in a skull shaped cave.

What I got was this tiny little thing. Isn't she just the cutest? I really had a hard time with the name it just didn't fit. Just yesterday, my husband tells me, "By the way, did I tell you that her family calls her Fanny?"

"Well, no you didn't."

And I like that name SO much better. Phanny it is from now on!

I need more photos...I'll try to get them on the next playtime!

I'd Like My Usual Room, Please!

I try to put dogs in the same kennels each time they come. It doesn't always work out, but for the most part dogs have a 'usual room'. I thought that it made them feel more secure that they had a room of their own here. Maybe a bit too secure.

Last time Buddy was here, the first kennel wasn't open for him to have his regular room. So I stuffed him in two doors down without giving it any thought. When I tried to grab his collar and steer him away from kennel number 1 to kennel number 3, he made a pass at taking a chunk out of my hand. I wouldn't have been more surprised if he had stood on his hind legs and did a River Dance. This is the calmest, nicest dog in the world. Okay, so he is serious about his room, but otherwise really nice.

Needless to say, BB got kicked out of kennel number 1 when Buddy showed up yesterday. See, I can be taught.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lacks Impusle Control

Diesel should come with that as a warning label. He was fine here a couple of weeks ago when he had a equally young, dumb and energetic dog, Terry, to play with. On one hand, they did look like they were killing each other. On the other hand, they did thoroughly wear each other out.

I don't always luck out and get a matched set like that. Diesel came again this week and I had no one for him to wrestle with; little dogs and old dogs.

Not only does Diesel not take 'NO!' for an answer to "Play with me!", he doesn't even realize that the other dogs don't want to play with him. When Pug, the pug, was threatening to take a chunk out of him, Diesel still thought it was great fun.

Well, at least, he has a good time - no matter what.

Over Thinking the Problem

2 am - 1 pm

This is what was written on the dog's medicine bottle. Honest to God, the first time I saw that I thought, "You want me to give this dog a pill at 2 AM! I am so not doing that!"

It took about 15 minutes for me to translate, correctly, that the dog gets two pills in the morning and one at night. Oh, yeah, I can handle that.

Sometimes I just trying to make my life harder than it needs to be.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Almosted Didn't See You There!

Talk about camouflage, if my dog hadn't gone gray, I never would have spotted her. I guess she is tired of sharing the couch with the new baby and had staked a new claim in the living room.

Notice that is not good enough to just be on the furniture, you have to have a pillow as well.

And you people think your dogs are spoiled!

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Today's Salt Lake Tribune had a article about a new luxury pet hotel. I am headed up past Point of the Mountain, tomorrow, so maybe I will go and see this pet palace for myself.

They are offering personal TV's, phone booths so you can chat with your dog, supervised playtime, special treats and a vet on site.

I thought about installing a TV down in the kennel, that way I could deduct my cable bill. I don't let you chat with your dog, but I am happy to chat endlessly with you about your dog. I would love a vet on site, but we will all have to settle for my panicked phone calls to Dr. Thayn.

I am dying to see the facilities, but I can tell you that my dogs probably never will. As a rule, I balk at paying more for my dog's lodging than my own. Basic dog care starts at $29 and 'suite' for your dog is $39. They also charge for extra playtime $9, and $3 for an 'ice cream' snack. They also charge $2 for administering pet medicine. Gee, here I am cramming pills down a Doberman's throat for nothing.