Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh NO! Someone Else I Have to Share MY Couch With!

One Good Looking Beagle

Copper is just as loud as Scooter, but he really has the prettiest markings I have ever seen on a Beagle.

I see how his owners got the name, he is really more of a shiny copper than orange or brown. He also is sporting the blackest black and the whitest white markings. Well, he will until he hangs out in my play yard for much longer - that will turn any dog into a dusty shade of beige.

I really like his extra white marking down his neck and back, another 'never seen that before'.

Maybe he isn't all Beagle...his wheel base does seem a bit too long and his legs are spotted. His voice , however, is ALL Beagle.

Remind me to never have two Beagles at the kennel at the same time.

Oh, That Explains It

I have often looked at Kaizon and asked the age old question that plagues the dog world, "What are you made up of?"

His owners cleared up the mystery when they pointed at X, a pug, and said that was half of Kaizon. The other half is Heeler. It seemed so obvious once I looked at X and Kaizon. Kaizon got the fur, the markings and the color of a pug with a pointy nose and pointy ears of a Heeler.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ike and What's-His-Name?

I haven't completely lost my mind, just my memory. The Lab puppy is Ike. The Great Pyrenees is the one I can't come up with a name for. I will have to dig out the old calendar pages - this is driving me nuts. He is the only Great Pyrenees that we have.

And Ike tried to wear him out. I think he succeeded.

And This is Why You Have to Blog on a Timely Basis

Cute dog pictures dumped onto my computer on June 23. I no longer have any idea what the dogs names are.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Everything Just Seems So Much Easier...

Now that my knees both point in the same direction. (Let's just agree that pregnancy is meant for the young.)

The kennel has returned to it original location. Sometime in March, it started sneaking further and further away from the house. By June, I had a 5 mile hike out to the dogs.

Someone turned the thermostat down. Summer is some how about 20 degrees cooler.

And surprise, I have feet again. The dogs will be so happy. I can't tell you how many toes I stepped on in the past 3 months.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just Because We Can Never Have A Dull Moment

As most of you have seen, I was hugely pregnant last week when my doctor told me that nothing was progressing. That would be baby doctor speak for "Yes, honey, you are looking at spending July the size of a whale."

I had just come to accept my fate of a couple, three week more of waddling and sweating, when my water broke at 8pm that night.

I was damp but not in pain so I was herding the kids and their bags out to the car when my son announced, "Mom, there is a dog out of the kennel!"

Oh, that can't be one of mine - it has to be one of Helper's Roaming Dogs, right?

Nope, it was Endo. Turns out that Endo can both open a gate latch and climb a 6 foot fence. Talented dog, I must say. Forunately for me, he is an escaper and not a run away-er. He just waited by the gate for me to let him back in. I tucked him in, chained his gate extra-closed and we all headed off to the hospital.

Baby showed up at 1 am that night. Yup, born on the Fourth of July!

We do love our birthday holidays around here.