Monday, November 30, 2009

Enthusiasm for Dogs Runs in the Family

That high pitch squeal you are hearing is the baby's ultimate sign of approval and delight. All dogs are greeted by this sound. Live or on TV. Even the little yellow lab logo we have on our computer's login screen can bring that sound out of her.

For me, it brings on goose bumps, makes my eyes roll back in my head and makes my skull feel like it is splitting down the middle. The ad for Disney's new Christmas Buddies with all six of its 'cute as can be' yellow labs is particularly painful.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seriously Misread That Situation!

I just got stared down and out of my own kennel. I went out for the dinner shift only to be greeted by my kennel's NEW owner. A rather large hound that was not going to let me anywhere near HIS kennel. Every time I stepped past the chicken house, I was greeted with teeth and growls. I took this warning very seriously and called for 911 for Animal Control to come out.

I got two of Helper's finest in no time. They got a similar greeting from the dog. We settled in to wait for Animal Control.

Once she got here, armed with only a 'dog stick' and a bag of treats she bravely approached the kennel building. She was greeted to a dropped and wagging tail and a licked hand. What the?!!

I was really frightened of that dog and all he did was wait for her to put the leash on.

Ha, ha, I have to laugh at myself, I really misread that dog's body language.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Once Again, Crossing that Fine Line Between Love and Stalking

Let's just say that Goofy has issues. He has a thing for little dogs. His usual technique is to follow them around the play yard barking at them. The little dogs ignore him for the most part and just end up with a spit covered back.

Little Scooter isn't allowed out with the big dogs, yet. Goofy can't leave him alone. Whenever Scooter reaches out to Goofy, he gets a big lick or a little nibble. Goofy is in love. Scooter is either going to be greatly relieved when Goof goes home tonight or he is going to be lonely.

Live Action of the Live Action!

First they run. A few laps to get warmed up. Ellie will join in on the running part.

Then there is the wrestling, which both Ellie and I try to avoid.

Perfect Match!

They might look like they are killing each other, but they have been at this for more than a day and half already. These two should sleep for a week when they go home.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Thought the Whole Concept was that it Kept Your Hands Free for the Remote!

Dog Snuggi!

I saw this at Walmart in Price.

Looking for Gifts...

I have recently seen some really odd dog or dog based gifts this year. I thought I would share.

Dog Mugs! That the handle is the dog's head. This is a tad to close to picking them up by the ears for me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I lost one of my favorite dogs.

Her owner just called to tell me that Dusty won't be arriving 7am on Monday. I am about as upset about her as my own dogs dying. She was my all time favorite. She had been coming here from the very beginning. My husband just told me that she was the very first dog that he had to babysit because I had taken the kids to see my parents. That must have been spring break 2003 or 2004.

Dusty is the yawning dog you see that the top of this blog. The name 'Yawning Dog' came from one of my dogs that yawned so big it was like a lion in the circus: you could put your whole head in there! But my dogs are black and never show up good in a picture. So, Dusty became the model for my blog.

I am going to miss her more than I can say.

Silver Lining to the Recession...

I have had so many new dogs this year! As the regular clients take fewer vacations, I get a crop of newbies each weekend.

This week we have:NEW DOGS!

Skulli and Jack, all bounce and happiness. I am still bruised all over, yet somehow delighted about it.

Winchester in action! If I could only, always have Jack to not play back with him.

Bear! I greeted him with, "Bear!? more like Wolf!" Turns out I was right. He is half wolf.

So new dogs and new breeds, as well, this year.

Bear is a HUGE lovebug in more ways than one.

The picture doesn't do him justice. He has gorgeous slate gray fur and golden brown eyes.

So much for this year.

I give up. Trying to make a 6 foot high inflatable blue dog for the Helper's Annual Light Parade has now come to an end.

I attempted to blow him up yesterday and one blower is just not going to be enough, that plus the fact that he is pretty mutant looking has me giving up. I have wasted enough precious nap time working on him and nothing around the farm or yard got done while it was still warm.

Facing making the signs out in the cold is also another reason why...NEXT YEAR!

Gonna fix my husband's pants, turn my son's broken snaps into button holes and buttons and pack up the sewing machine, empty the dining room of project materials in time for Thanksgiving dinner and spend nap time sorting out the basement.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Play Time!

As you can see, many weeks of many big dogs has turned the play yard into a dust bowl.

Winchester is Playing!

I was so excited to see Winchester playing with another dog without the horrifying noise. Morning came and I realized why there was no noise of protest from Winchester. When he plays with Jack, Jack doesn't play back. Just what Winchester has been looking for in a playmate. One that doesn't even try to win.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maybe it will work!?

I was left this list of instructions for how to house train a puppy. I just read it in slack jawed awe.

Now, I know I did everything wrong with house breaking my puppies, so this isn't a criticism of the program or the effort involved in sticking to it. It is just a reaffirmation that maybe I should not get a puppy again, rather I should adopt a dog that has already been house broken. It is, however, an admission of defeat as I had little or no chance of actually following this plan.

The puppy did better with the plan than I did. Every time I came in, he would come out of his box and pee for me. Now, if I was a bit faster, I might have gotten him to the outside run in time. I still have a chance. He is due back for Thanksgiving and with a whole week, I know he can have me trained up just fine.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Puppies Welcome!

I will play ONLY if I get to win!

Winchester has a bit of a problem when it comes to playing with the other dogs. Namely, he just doesn't know how to do it!

He postures for play, perfectly. He wags his tail and seems good to go. Only he is only 'good' when his paws are on the other dog or he is doing the mounting. As soon as the other dog gets anything near 'top', the most godawful sound comes out of this dog and attempts to split your skull down the middle. It is bad on me and the other dogs are just plain confused by it. Stewy and Rocko tried over and over again to play with Winchester, but he just never got the hang of it.

If you happen to be a work, turn the volume down...low.