Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ike getting what he usually dishes out!

At first, it was just Ike and Tobit. I was trying to get the shot of Tobit mounting Ike's head like a furry Russian hat but, Ike wasn't letting her get into her favorite position.

Then Belle got in on it.

Then BB and Millie joined in.

The girls had even had him down and surrendering.

Kissing to make up.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Belle and Tess = Tessie and Anti-Tessie

Belle is a slightly subdued version of Tessie. She jumps but, not non-stop. She barks but, mostly at the chickens and not the other dogs. She wants back in her kennel, FIRST! but, doesn't need to go in every kennel. She runs like the wind and in that respect, she shows me that Tessie is starting to get old.

Tess, however, is the exact opposite of Tessie. She is old, sedate, quiet, and willing to stand with me in the shade and get petted.

Tess was recently abandoned on and adopted by Belle's owners. One lucky dog, now.

What is really disappointing to me: Belle and Tess go home today and Tessie is coming on Sunday. I would love to get these three girls together!