Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I missed the photo and the joke.

Maybe I am only firing on a couple of my pistons because it took me until the dogs had been here for more than a day to get the pun of their names. Arrow and Bo. I wrote it on the calendar and didn't notice it. Arrow and Bo. I wrote it on their paperwork. Arrow and Bo. I called them by the names. I finally reversed it as I was trying to get them to go in for dinner, Bo! Arrow!

Bow and Arrow, too funny. Funnier since I was so oblivious. I love a good pun, I adore funny dog names, I love to laugh at how stupid I can be some days!

Arrow got her name from the picture arrowhead marking on her forehead. I missed the photo for all of you. Maybe next time they come.

Yet Another Cold and Wet Memorial Day Weekend

I am equally shocked and pleasantly surprised when we get nice weather for Memorial Day or Halloween.

But it is still a good day at the Ranch, as Butch finally has someone to play with. Lucky and he are a pretty good match, I only wish that Ziggy hadn't cancelled out. Luck and Butch are getting plenty dirty, wet and worn out, but three in a dog pile is something to watch.

I will stick the camera in my coat and try to get some footage.

Until Lucky showed up this morning, Butch had been trying to play with everyone else. Teesha seems to want to play for about 30 seconds and then she seems to want to take a chunk out of Butch. Butch is unaware of this change in mood. Butch wants to play with Roxie, the boxer, but she seems to have a sore leg. She would have been a good playmate, but she started holding her back leg up just last night. I am trying to determine if it is the leg or the paw, but she is still mobile enough not to let me have a good look. Emma, the white lab, is too old for this stuff and is sticking to playing with Dexter, the cocker spanial. Dexter is avioding both Lucky and Butch as too big and bouncey for him to play with. And little Buddy, the dachshuad, never plays with anyone but his brother Ziggy and they just had a big fight and are spending some time apart. Another talk with the owners over that one, coming up.