Saturday, November 22, 2008

Space Station!

I just saw the Space Station go by! It was sparkling yellow star that just happen to float across the sky. It started in the West, which is hidden by a magnificent big tree that my neighbors own. I spotted it moving through that tree and then it head over the bluff north of my house. That is where it just faded away. It must be at the wrong angle to reflect sunlight back to me at that point. I was thrilled. I am still such a nerd.

I was at a friend's stuffing myself and not really watching the BYU-U of U game when someone mentioned that the station would be visible. Suddenly, heading home to take the dogs out before dinner was something to look forward too.

I got out early and it is really cold out. I was pacing around in a very dark play yard trying to guess where this thing would show up. Not the best thing to be doing for your shoes, pacing around in a very dark play yard full of really big dogs. Yup, that's me the Human Dog Poop Magnet.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A post a day?

I can't even remember to take my vitamins that often!

This is National Blog Month! Who knew? A friend of mine has challenged me to try for the post a day thing. Okay, doggies get out there and be cute and funny.