Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Winning Over the Shy Ones

I love to watch a timid dog get over their fears and just get to be a dog amongst dogs. I had three different newbie go through this transformation this weekend.

The first was Shelby. She wouldn't come out for the first 24 hours - I don't think she even tried the outside portion of her run for a long time. I put the big dogs away and let her out with only Daisy for her first playtime. I wish I had the camera for that first meeting.

(isn't that the way it always goes - forget the camera and miss the best stuff)

Shebly did so good with that first meet and greet that I tried her out with the whole gang for the next playtime. Brave little trouper, she stood for all those big dogs checking her out. I was so proud. By the third playtime, she was chasing Daisy more than Daisy would like and starting to run with the big kids whenever I rescued Daisy onto my lap.

I think a weekend with me and a bunch of other dogs was the best thing that could have happened to Shelby.

As for the other two, that would be CoCo and Tuff, who is clearly not that tough. Once again, I blew my chance to get them on film. I wasn't expecting them to join the crowd. They had both stubbornly refused to come out for days now. Then at lunch on Sunday, out they came and it did take long for them to untuck their tails and start having fun. Shelby and Tuff were a particularly good match and Daisy was particularly happy about that.

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