Monday, November 26, 2007

I can laugh , now, they have all gone home.

Really, if I wanted that much grief for Thanksgiving, I could have invited a bunch of relatives.

The kennel is deliciously empty and quiet for a couple of days. I just have Chaser and Bella, Chance and Scruffy and Kaizon. Chaser and Bella are a bit much for Scruffy and Kaizon, but I have still not convinced Kaizon that she is actually a dog and that she should like being with other dogs.


DAN said...

If you can figure out how to let Bella and Chaser out separately they probably will behave better.
If they get out together they go check in with every other dog in the neighborhood. They also love to chase cats. If they get out separately they both stay in the yard. Chaser more than Bella.
He seems to be a lover not a fighter and if he catches a bird he just holds it gently in his soft mouth.
Bella shakes anything she catches until it stops moving and goes outside and eats most things. She doesn't appreciate having her catches taken away but she will bring it in the house to share.
We don't know whether that is just because she seems to mostly Cocker Spanies or if she learned it trying to keep those eight puppies alive in the culvert.
Good luck.

yawningdog said...

It is not that Chaser and Bella can't find dogs to play with. It is that dogs want to play with Chaser and they want to play with Bella. What they don't want to play with is Chaser AND Bella. Face it, your dogs make a most formidable tag team.