Monday, November 01, 2010

Just a Bit More Food than Needed

This is Maggie Mae and this is her food. Not a stay's worth of food, a day's worth of food. I measured it out, 10 cups total. I was told half a bag in the morning and half a bag at night along with the 3 treats in each bag. They even dated each bag for me. I poured those first 5 cups and thought to myself, if this little thing with zero percent body fat really eats that whole bowl she must have a tape worm the size of a boa constrictor!

When she took 5 meals to eat 5 cups, I had a new and better measurement of what she eats. I asked about the enormous bags of food; they were just worried about her running out. I found myself just having to do the math: she was supposed to stay 7 days,so 70 cups of food, that is actually enough food for 35 days!

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