Thursday, February 16, 2006

Westminster Dog Show Winner - RUFUS!

Normally, dogs that win at the Westminster Dog Show have names longer than their bodies. Especially, in the Toy class.

But a rather funny looking Bull Terrier won Best in Show and his name was Rufus. It really fit him.

I only got to see the Toy class competition. I picked a miniture greyhound named, Horizon's Lil' Bandit Of Bo Bett, to win, but he got cut. That dog was having fun. He looked like he was loving being there. He was adorable and he knew it, you could just tell. A pug won. He was cute, too.

I am wrong, Rufus' full name is
Rocky Top's Sundance Kid. When I went to grab his photo I found out his real name; I like Rufus better.

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