Sunday, February 12, 2006

So, I watch way too much tv...

Did you catch 'Ghost Whisperer' last Friday. It was a rerun, but it does explain the 'ghost dog' she now has.

Episode Summary: Our heroine, Melinda, helps 3 little boys that were killed in a fire at the orphanage 50 years ago find their way into the light. Their dog, also a ghost, doesn't follow the boys and is left here on earth and has adopted Melinda as his owner.

In later shows, she is seen throwing a tennis ball for the ghost dog. I am not sure if the ball is real or not.

But I got me thinking, a ghost dog is not a bad pet. The barking will never bother the nieghbors, you don't have to let him in and out (he can walk through walls), no brushing because there is no shedding, and there is no 'ghost poop' to scoop.

Name suggestions: Casper, Marley, Boo...the puns are endless.

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