Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Matchmaker Matchmaker, make me a match..

(I always loved that song)

I just pulled off my first canine blind date. I have people call looking for particular breeds of puppies about once a month - more at Christmas. And I have had 3 dogs in 3 years that needed new owners. One ended up at our animal shelter, and got adopted. One got a home on a farm south of here and is doing great. And the last one just got a new set of parents and two little brothers to play with.

I am so happy for everyone involved:
The original owner gets to move cross country and into a little apartment without having to worry about her 'kid'.

My friend get a fabulous dog and new buddy for her sons.

The dog is going to love his new family, especially his new littermates.

And I get to keep a great dog as a client.
(even better I get to trade dog-sitting for handmade purses - you can't beat that with a stick)

Dog matching, best phone call I ever made.

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