Monday, February 20, 2006

"So, how do you know me?"

I had someone recongize me in the line for popcorn at the movies last night. They even called me by name. Usually I try to fake my way along, searching for the person's name or at least how I know them. (I start with parent of one of the other kids in my kids class, then dog clients - if I can even picture them, one of Dave's students, one of my old students, I try to sell them a house, from church, from one of the businesses I go to all the time...) It is a long list to run through and I have just given up on it alltogether.

Last night, I just blurted out, "So, how do you know me?"
"I'm Sissy's Mom."

Now, that is the kind of information I need.

It was sorted rude to admit I have no idea who they are, but for what it lacks in tact, it made up for in effectiviness and honesty. I think I will stick with this approach.

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