Saturday, February 18, 2006

Have Rawhide - Won't Share!

Rawhides are the bane of my existence.

I get that dogs like them. Like them, they love them.
I get that without having them dog will chew on my kennel fencing, my kennel walls, my kennel doors, or even me.

But rawhides beget rawhide-envy and it is not a pretty sight.

Everything is fine when the owner of the rawhide keeps it in their own run. But no, they always decide that today is the day for gnawing 'el fresco', 'plein air', out in the yard basking in the sun. Not a bad plan, I like a picnic myself. But what the dog has over looked is that all that fresh air and sunshine is surrounded by at least 6 other dogs.

Take my word for it you do not want to be the one breaking up a rawhide fight.

(my son's preschool had a similar rule - If you want to KEEP it, KEEP it in your cubby.)

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