Sunday, February 26, 2006

It is okay to start the spring cleaning...but don't shave the dog, YET.

Here in Utah, we are having our usual false spring. It is just beautiful and warm in the afternoons and you can fool yourself that spring has arrived. Not me, I have to get up very early to let the dogs out. At 7am, there is no doubt in my mind that it is still winter. But every year we fall for this fake spring. Yesterday, I saw someone shaking out the cushions for the front porch swing. I know they are going to be shaking snow off it at least once before Easter.

Jumping the gun on spring is a common mistake. We are all sick of winter and think if we act like it is spring it will be spring. Anyone who has had to plant their vegetable garden more than once will tell you that 'real' spring takes real patience. The gardeners around here taught me the most important rule for veggies in the high desert.

Don't plant anything until Memorial Day

If the rule goes for tomatoes, it goes for your dog.

Don't shave your dog until Memorial Day

Last year, the fake spring hit in March, and the cold came back with a vengeance in April. I had many naked and frozen shitzus that month. A cold and naked dog is not a pretty sight. So please, clean up the yard, air out the house, but leave the dogs alone.

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