Monday, February 06, 2006

I have a dog's life...

These days, I nap as much as my dogs do.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very sleepy person. Actaully, I have a sleep disorder that makes me sleepy all day long; I can nap anywhere - anytime.

Well for the past week, I have had to give up the medicine that helps me stay awake and all of my caffeine, as well. It is has been very hard except all the company I have when I nap. My dog, Inertia, is always up for curling up behind my knees on the couch. And this weekend we had a few extra dogs staying with us. Three to be exact. That make a total of 5 dogs in the house and 8 in the dog kennel.

I wish I had a picture of me on the couch with the 2 chihuahuas on my lap and shins (for being so small, they really are an execellent source of heat), Inertia on the floor next to me, and Lucky Dog curled up in his 'cave' under the arm of the sofa.

As my friend likes to say, "I'm narcoleptic - I can sleep with anyone."

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