Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lucky Dog!

I had one of my favorite dogs come and stay with me this week. Lucky Dog! He doesn't even have to stay in the kennel anymore, he bunks with us in the house.

Lucky is a unique blend of canine breeds. The most recent DNA collision in his pedigree looks like Doberman and Blue Heeler. His parents might have been pure breds in their own rights, but I lean more toward a combo background.

Lucky is a pound puppy, adopted out of our local animal shelter and if I could clone a dog, he would be the one. I wish that the kennel clubs would stop breeding for specific looks in a dog and start mixing it up to get better pets.

Let's try for longevity, especially in service dogs.
10 to 15 years is not enough.
What about a good house pet personality?
Good with kids, nice to furniture and shoes,
not big on barking or running away.

Lucky has all these qualities and more. He is very attentive - maybe too attentive, he will track you around the house. He makes an excellent alarm clock if you want to get up at 6am - I prefer 7. And he is small enough to lay with or on you on the couch - the best dogs make great space heaters.

He is one Lucky Dog!

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