Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Will you please just stop.

I have seen this in my kids. They can pick a behavior that has no purpose other than to annoy me to tears and not let it go. I can ask nicely, I can ask not nicely, I can theaten their freedom, their posessions, and sometimes their lives and they will only find something new to do to annopy me.

My daughter's favorite is wiggle-butting and chair-tipping throughout dinner. I have considered glueing either the chair to the floor or her butt to the chair; maybe both. My son favors repeating gross noises in the car.

But I have now seen it all. I have a dog that is annoying the tar out of his sister dog. I have never seen a dog as annoyed as I am. But there it is. Brother Dog will not stop humping Sister Dog and she has had it with him. I know that look, I wear it all the time. Sister Dog is about at the end of her patience and Brother Dog is going to get it. BIG TIME.

I'm interested to see how she handles this. Maybe I can get some good ideas to use on the kids? I will have to let you know.

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