Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We are all getting old, aren't we?

Some of my ram-bunk-o dogs are starting to grow up on me.
But it seems that my favorite 'wild' animals, BB, Tessie, and Sassy, are starting to slow down.

It was hard to notice at first. It was that small things that changed.

They don't do the 'flying leap of love' and bounce me off the fence. They still launch out of their kennels like they have been shot out of a cannon, but I noticed that they just can keep up their speed anymore. BB now clocks in below light speed, and I even saw Tessie hold still for a minute. Tessie even stopped by my chair, put up her paws and let me pet her. In the couple of years that Tessie has been coming her, I have never petted her other than in a 'drive-by' (I hold my hand out as she runs by) petting.

It is kinda sad to see them stop being puppies and turn into dogs. But it should really cut down on my bruises.

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