Friday, February 17, 2006

What kind of dog should I get?

I get this question a lot. And there is quite a bit of debate between different breeds for different people's life styles.

What I alway tell people...GET A DOG, not a puppy.

Everyone wants a puppy. They are so cute. They are so fun to watch.

They make huge messes.
They have to be fed multiple times a day.
They have to go out every 2 hours.
They have to trained.
You have to be trained.

I don't care what breed you select, just get it in the dog form and not the puppy. Most of the dogs that end up at the shelter are nice, house dogs that people can't keep. There are problem dogs from problem owners, but you will be able to see that right away when you meet the dog. Besides, any shelter that lets you adopt a problem and not a pet isn't doing their job.

But really the best way to adopt is the personal approach.

This is how to find a dog that needs you:
Let all your friends know that you are looking.
Call the local vets and shelters and put up an ad.
Call the local groomers and boarders, people talk to us about dogs all the time.
Call the Humane Society, this group is full of people who take in extra dogs just so they will always live with a family and never spend any time in a shelter.

I guarentee that your phone will ring.

You can meet the dog, the owners, and they can meet you. This will make the adoption better and easier for everyone. (old owner, new owner, & dog)

So go out there and get yourself a dog. And then, call me when you need it babysat.

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