Monday, December 05, 2005

We WOOF You a Merry Christmas,

and a HOWL-Y New Year!

I survived my first ever Electric Light Parade without electric lights unforunately. My husband McGyver’ed together a system for the lights three times. It was a pretty spectaclur effort at winging it engineering involving a uninterruptable powersupply, a portable car battery charger, and quite a bit of wire running around the front of my car. He tells me that I am getting a generator for Mother’s Day next year so I can have as many lights as I want on next year’s float. (He is getting the new trailer for Father’s Day!) The car battery charger gave out about half way down main street on Friday night and the whole thing blew up just as the parade started on Saturday.

Even without the lights, everyone was impressed with my papier-mache dog. Over 7 feet tall, and his mouth moves! Hold it, his mouth isn’t supposed to move. I had visions of walking along side of my float holding a very large bottom jaw and tongue. But the doggie made it through the parade both nights, head intact.

I walked the parade route and waved to all the people who braved the cold. (it was just plain cold on Friday and BITTER on Saturday night) I could hear people read my company name off my car, and point the dog out to the kids (sorry kiddos, it was not a dragon) and when they would hear the music – dogs barking carols – they would get the joke and bark along with the music.

As the parade went along, groups of people would yell and wave. Later my husband asked if I knew who they were. I explained that I don’t even recognize my clients when they are standing on the front porch, let alone in the dark, in coats and hats, and without their dogs! Impossible! But I do appreciate all the shouting.

I already have a plan for next year. I just need to find yellow Christmas lights. If you wish for a WHITE Christmas, Remember to watch out for the YELLOW Stuff!

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