Monday, December 05, 2005

I love my fluffy blanket and my fluffy pillow.

Maybe I should rethink my career move...
There is a set of dogs that makes me say that everytime they come. They are not bad dogs, they aren't friendly, but not all dogs are. This threesome are kibble pitchers. They go for distance over accuracy. Longest recorded shot of kibble thrown from a dish while held in the teeth is just under 26 feet. The shot might have been longer. Chucky could have actually hit the door from the far kennel (28 feet) and the puppy chow bounced back.

Dogs make messes. And I am paid the really big bucks to clean up after them, right. So I can't hold a little (or a lot) of spilled kibble against them.

Maybe it is just their luggage. Three dogs arrive with 3 garabage bags of stuff. Three fleece blankets, three dog beds, three favorite stuff animals, three regular loved but not completely necessary to sustain life stuff animals, three rope and stuff animal chew toys. I can only imagine that the person who packs for the dogs has never come to the kennel. I do wall to wall padding with all the stuff these guys bring. I end up having to store the bags of stuff on top of a couple of kennels because if I gave them all their blankets, beds, toys, and stuffed animals; it would be about 3 feet deep in the kennel and they would not be able to get out of their doggy door. But I should not be the one to critize someone else, as a narcoleptic, I love my fluffy blanket and my fluffy pillow.

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