Sunday, December 18, 2005

I started this blog so I would stop boring my friends with dog stories.

I went to a Christmas party last night. Without my kids, no less. I was going to get dressed in something not covered in dog spit and talk to grown-ups about grown-up stuff.

Nope, spent the evening talking about dogs.

I got my dogs before I had kids. So I am used to people's eyes rolling back into their heads when I would go on and on about my puppies. Then came the babies, and that is all I ever talk about. I am too tired to even notice that others are glazing over or they are all moms anyway. (a friend vowed not to talk about her babies birth when she had kids - no such luck, but nice try)

Now all I do is talk about OTHER peoples dogs.
I think am not going to get invited out much.

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