Saturday, December 31, 2005

Never underestimate the power of Doggie Karma

Well my butt is once again rescued by doggie karma. I had a bit of a doggie over load headed my way yesterday.

I had 2 dogs that were not getting claimed.
I had a friend's dog that spent part of the holiday with another friend. Between the two of us, we had no idea when the first friend was due back. Before school starts was all we were sure about.
And then I had the people from the other side of the mountain who got hotel reservations in Moab and decided to make a last minute weekend trip. Somehow in the whole conversation about my kennel, their dog, where they are, where I am, and how nice Moab is to visit...I didn't realize that they were talking about THIS weekend.

So that is 3 more kennels than I have. YIKES! That is too many to take up to my house!

But I am saved again. One dog went home early. Thank you. The missing owners showed up and took their dogs. Yeah. (didn't get paid, but not very surprised by that) And my friend came home on Thursday rather than Monday. Whoopee!

There really must be something about being good to dogs radically increasing your luck.

Though, I just know that luck will not work on a trip to vegas.

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