Thursday, December 22, 2005

Just doesn't like kids...

Not me, a dog that doesn't like kids.

I found this out by accident. My son came down to the kennel to ask me something really important. (change the channel, more juice, something immediate and life threatening like that)

That is when Jo went balistic.

LOOK CHILD! bark-bark- bark
DO YOU NOT SEE THE CHILD! bark-bark-bark
EVIL CHILD! bark-bark-bark

It is like she is channeling the Baron's wife from Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang.

Jo is a nice, normal, friendly, little dog when not under the influence of the presence of children. (you know, my kids have been visiting their grandparents for a few days and I, too, am a nice, normal, and friendly)

Jo is not taking any chances this time. I keep telling her that there are no kids here; it is safe. But she is still very careful whenever she comes into the playyard. She looks around to see if the coast is clear beforing jumping out.

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