Thursday, December 29, 2005

Why punish the dog for having idiots for owners?

I have two dogs that are not getting picked up. They were suppose to go home 2 days ago, I can’t find the owners, and I have more dogs coming tomorrow and no where to put them.

Maybe my doggie karma will save the day, again. But I am having my doubts.

Let’s see how I got myself into this situation. On the Monday before Christmas, I got a call from someone who needed a place for their dogs until Thursday or Friday. Oddly enough, I did have room until Friday morning. (the VERY short school break this year really knocked down the number of people going and thus, the number of dogs staying)

I get a call from the mom on Friday afternoon telling me that they will be by after work to get the dogs. I say that is fine, I am home and I don’t have another dog coming until Saturday. They don’t show up. I get a call from the dad on Saturday afternoon. This is Christmas Eve, mind you, asking if the dogs can stay until Tuesday. I actually can keep the dogs, another owner got sick and couldn’t take their vacation so I had a dog go home early. If this didn’t happen, I would have already been stuck juggling dogs for the holiday. Well, Tuesday has come and gone, as has Wednesday and now Thursday. I have 3 dogs coming tomorrow and I need these two gone already. Oh yeah, their food ran out on Monday - so I am feeding and sheltering them.

I called their numbers; no one knows when they will be back at work, no one has a home number or other contact. I am going to have to take these dogs to the pound.

Who knew that babysitting dogs would come with ethical dilemmas? I sure didn’t. I was faced with a similar decision 2 years ago. And in that case, the owner finally came and got the dogs. I got stiffed on the bill, and I have always regretted not taking those dogs to the shelter. They deserved a better set of parents.

Should I give these two idiots the benefit of the doubt?

So, do I juggle dogs and wait?

Or am I off to the pound tomorrow?

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playrightmom said...

Wow. I once spent an hour a day sitting in the dirt in a trailer court petting two questionable dogs who were never let off their chains. I know where your heart is, Doggy Mom. But I don't know what to tell you.