Thursday, December 01, 2005

Your dog eats WHAT?!

I never say that. I say,"Go ahead bring whatever weird food your dog eats, you can't surprise me anymore."

Tuna fish.
Cat food, canned.
Cat food, dry.
Barbecued elk ribs, had to tell my husband not to eat those for lunch. Man, they looked good.
Baloney and hot dogs.
Scramble eggs from McD's.
2 cups of milk and an egg for breakfast. That dog had the most beautiful fur.
Chopped up boneless chicken beasts, at least the owners cook and chop it up for me.

But none of these match the dog sitting gig my big bother had back in Chicago in the early 70's. He had to drive to KFC's everyday and buy a very small, white, and mean poodle a piece of chicken and take the meat of the bone for her. You might guess that he did not continue in the pet sitting industry after this.

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