Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bad Mix

I don’t have a crop of bad dogs, I just have too many with the same personality.

They are like a couple of kids really going at it wrestling; then someone actually does get hurt. You have done this as a kid - you get hurt, you retaliate, and then the whole game goes to hell and you are really a truly pounding on each other. Well, dogs suffer from this as well.

All of these dogs play too rough, it goes over the top and they are all growing and showing their teeth. That I when I step into the middle, use my loudest ‘MOM’ voice and send someone to a time out. (I bet you didn’t know that time out works much better on dogs than kids.) If it was just one problem dog, that one would get a ‘if you can’t play nice, you can’t play’ speech and get one side of the play yard to themselves. Anyone of these dogs would be fine, but I have 4 of them this weekend.

Suddenly I am supervising an elaborate psych experiment: Okay A, B over here C,D over there – no switch A with C, B with D – yikes switch back – okay tired, frozen, aggravated, everyone back in their kennels, I need a nap.

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