Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kibble Envy Defined

Kibble Envy is a dog's conviction that everyone else's food is better than the stuff in his bowl.

Roxy, a boxer, has the ability to reach through a chain link fence into the neighbor's dish and flip kibble back into her kennel. Neighbors of Roxy have to keep their bowls on the far side or go hungry.

There is Tessie, who has been recorded at speeds faster than light, she likes to try everyone's food. I have to let her out last of all the dogs or she will whip past me, past the occupant of the kennel, grab one mouthful from their bowl, and still beat them out the gate to play.

Dasher is a enormous white husky that 'does eat well'. He eats just fine when he is here at the ranch. I think it is the pressure of all these other dogs, they might get his food, so he just chows when he visits me. But his dads worry about him, so they send him with cans of tuna. White, Albacore tuna - this was the first case of kibble envy in me.

I will go on record that I hate canned dog food. It really grosses me out and I am pretty hard to gross out. One night I am serving up dinner, and I notice a 'Made in Brazil' mark on the bottom of a can. I am thinking, 'this is one spoiled dog if he gets his dog food imported' and of course the follow up question, 'where would someone buy imported dog food - in Utah?' This goes on and I am noticing that this is some good looking and good smelling dog food. They must really know what they are making in Brazil. I finally read the can. This really was a spoiled dog, that was a can of imported Brazilian beef stew he was having for dinner.

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