Friday, December 02, 2005

Laughing Dogs?

I just saw a report on the news about a woman who has been researching dog laughter. Patricia Simonet has been trying to prove that dogs laugh. And the answer is: dogs really do laugh when they play. It is a sorta huffy sound. I hear this all the time when the kennel dogs play, but I thought it was them panting. If you want to try this on your dog, try making a ‘huh’ sound over and over again, very fast.

She recorded the sound dogs make when they are playing. After getting a collection of sounds and studying them, she went on to see if dogs knew they were laughing. The segment I watched showed a very large animal shelter full of dogs. (Really unhappy dogs) When they played the tape of the ‘dog laughter’, the place quieted down. It was unbelievable. She should cut a CD, I will happily be the first buyer. I have just the dog to test it on.

I have a client that is a hybrid of a beagle and a car alarm. (arf) He just (arf) barks and barks (arf) every few seconds (arf) all day (arf) and all night (arf) endlessly (arf). You get the picture. His parents sent him to me with a bottle of doggie downers. I felt guilty that I could not calm him down and gave him some at night. I mean he is a beagle, they were bred to hunt, and to bark endlessly and constantly. I can’t expect him to fight his DNA. But he is the poster dog for nuisance barking. When they picked him up, I got scolded because he was hoarse. They really meant for me to sedate him 24 hours a day for 10 days. Yikes.

Maybe laughter will be better medicine than valium.

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