Sunday, April 15, 2007

These Boys Just Can't Get It Together

They are driving me crazy, they cannot figure out how to play together and together they are having a lousy time at the ranch this weekend.

First is Bo, he is old and not socialized. He doesn't want any dog to smell him nor does he want to smell them. He just wants me to pet him nonstop until another dog comes up to me and then he growls at them. This got old two days ago. Today, he decided to try to interact with another dog. he tried to mount Harley - wrong move on the wrong dog, so much for improving his social graces.

Then there is Harley, he is old but usually playful. This time he is only getting the attention of Yanni who is small and annoying. Yanni only wants mount Harley. Of this Harley has only a limited tolerance. The fact that Harley doesn't want this, and that he has sitches across is back so Yanni is actually hurting him, is complete lost on Yanni. Yannis also oblivoius to the fact that a ticked off Harley can eat him in one bite.

Next is Lucky and Flip, they just want to play ball. They are even willing to bring it back to some where in the general vicinity of me. Great, we will play ball, we will pet Bo and Harley between throws and all will be good.

Nope, I forgot about Izzy. He just wants to run and wrestle. To have a decent game of 'run and wrestle', you need two dogs or more. Izzy doesn't have a partner. So he has taken to stealing the ball from Flip and Lucky or to just harass them as they bring the ball back. I don't think he realizes that interfering with Lucky and a tennis ball is a capital offense in Lucky's eyes.

So I have spent my days throwing dust and spit covered balls, keeping Yanni off Harley's back, kept Bo from even trying to get on Harley's back and trying to keep Izzy from losing his mind from lack of quality play time. I am so tired.

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