Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Remodel is Stressing Me Out

For the past week and now this week, I have to pack up everything I will need for the day and get out of my house for the day.

The contractors are pulling down the walls and ceiling of my kitchen, and there is so much coal dust that they have to nail up a plastic sheet to protect my make-shift kitchen area and the access to upstairs (which is where we are living).

Therefore, I have to plan out what I think I will need - phones, purse, change of clothes, dog calendar, family calendar, snacks, water - and take it with me.

Yesterday, I didn't think of the camera, which was a shame because I got the two pugs, Max and Buster back just for daycare. I hope they come again soon they are just plain cute together and hysterical when they try to mount a big dog like Bourbon.

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