Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bruno, Bruno, are not impressing the girls with this move!

Nor, the boys.

Bruno seems to think that all dogs were put on this earth for him to mount. All the wrestling he does with the other dogs it just in an attempt to pull his one and only 'move'. One problem is that we have only dogs that are much smaller than him. He was having a great time trying this on Terry, but Terry is a little too fast and maneuverable for him to really pull anything off. Besides he is just do darn big, I have to interfere and pull him off before he smushes some dog.

He tried to mount Bourbon, but she told him in no uncertain terms that was not going to happen. She growled, lunged, and snapped at him. That is all the more message I would need. I have a highly developed sense of self-preservation, Bruno does not. It took two more snaps before he took that Doberman Pincher seriously. Bruno is all Lab, big, and happy and not the sharpest tool in the drawer.

Here he is trying out he moves on Maggie:

The Meet and Greet.

Returning the Favor.

Coming About!

The Move. Quickly followed by a Growl, Lunge, and Snap. This is number 2 for Maggie. Maybe Bruno will catch on quicker this time.

I have already taking Bruno for a couple of leased walks hoping that establishing myself as the leader would knock down on his desire to mount all the dogs. The 'Dog Whisperer' I am not. No luck with Bruno and his 'hobby'.

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