Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bella just wants get the ball first.

She has developed a bad habit in the endless pursuit of thrown toys and balls. She is so worried that someone else might get it first that she starts to run while still watching me throw the toy.

Running away, while still looking back, causes her to plow into any dog in her way. She has plowed into pretty much every dog down there, and a few more than once. The smarter dogs learned to not stop in her general 'flight plan'.

Yesterday, I was standing in the alleyway between the kennel and the storage shed that is next to it. I was just trying to protect myself from these wicked winds we are having. Bella took off so fast one time that she smacked into the side of my shed, a barn-shaped shed.

Yup, that Labrador ran smack into the 'broad side of a barn'.

Bella, please, look before you dash!

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