Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lucky is Not Liking My New Rule

I declared a 'No Paws On Me' rule awhile back. I am still trying to pull a Dog Whisperer. If I want to have peace and harmony in the kennel, I have to be the pack leader.

I have been walking the dog that think they are in charge on a lease to change their minds. That has worked pretty well with most dogs, no real effect on Millie last week. The other thing I decide to do was not tolerate any dominating of me. Thus, the 'No Paws On Me' rule.

This is particularly upsetting to Lucky who likes to be petted while he is up on his hind legs with his fore paws on your chest. I think I was giving him a complex telling him to get down. So yesterday, I called him over, I had him sit and then I ordered him 'Up' and then I gave him a big rub down. He seems to be back to his old self and I am back to having to throw an endless number of slobber covered, mud caked balls.

And I am very happy about that.

I still think this is a good rule, I get to keep my position of authority, my coat is staying a bit cleaner, and I don't have nearly the number of bruises that I usually sport.

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