Thursday, April 05, 2007

Last Out, First In

Oh my word! We have another Tessie!

'Last Out, First In' is the rule for Tessie. She has a thing for jumping into other dog's kennels, if given the opportunity. The key is not to give her the opportunity. This week I have a very large and happy lab named Bruno that has the same penchant for other kennels as Tessie. Only problem is that I can't seem to remember the 'Last Out, First In' rule for Bruno. Maybe I will do better today.

With Tessie, I always assumed that her fascination was with checking out what the other dogs have in their kennels. She always whipped in and back out in record time, and always with a bite of food or a stolen toy. Then I noticed she is just a ready to jump through the gate that divides the play yard. And once when she came, she was running free and all I had to do was open the play yard gate and not the kennel door and she whipped right in.

Oh I get it now, it is not the kennel that she keyed on, it is the gate. She cannot resist going through an open gate no matter where it leads to. Good to know, but I will still have to stick to my 'Last Out, First In' rule for both Tessie and Bruno

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