Friday, April 06, 2007

Maggie and Brandi

Brandi belong to Maggie's owner's mother. In dog family trees, that makes them cousin-dogs.

Maggie used to be one of my neighbors. When she ran away she would always come up and visit me and my dogs. I would never return her right away because my dogs would actually play with her. As they had gotten old, they really didn't play much. It was fun to see them at it again.

Maggie is also the dog that taught me that dogs can climb fences. It is because of her that all the runs have tops, and there is an extra chunk of fencing on one of the corners of the play yard. I caught her just as she was heading up and over that corner. Fortunately for me, when she first climbed and bolted, she just went home and all I had to do was walk down the alley and up the street and retrieve her from her front stoop. If she had decided to run, no one would have ever caught her.

I was a bit worried about the cousins bunking together since Maggie is such a wild thing. But no worries, it seems that Maggie had grown up and slowed down with the rest of us. I hope I can get her together with my girls and see if they remember each other.

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