Thursday, April 12, 2007

Buddy is Now Just One of the Dogs

This is a GREAT thing!

The first time Buddy came, he wouldn't leave his kennel and come out to play. The second time he came, he came out for the first play time and then never again. The third stay he came out for a couple of playtimes, maybe once a day. This stay, his fourth, he came out for the first play time and then he stayed in his run for the rest of that day and most of the second day. I was worried he had had a set back and I'd never get him out again.

When he is out he is calm and friendly, not playful yet but doing okay with the other dogs. When he is locked behind a fence, he is barky and fond of fence fighting with the other dogs. I have seen this before, somehow being restrained makes the dog insecure and frightened and therefor they act aggressively.

Well, yesterday afternoon Buddy not only came out, he came out to play. I had a mass rough-housing with BB, Millie, Nila, and Buddy. They were having a great time and Millie was not playing in her hyper-aggressive style. They were just have a big furry ball of fun.

I couldn't have been more pleased. Only problem was that Buddy when home shortly after that and the others couldn't seem to work back into a fun wrestling match with out Buddy.

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