Monday, April 24, 2006

What's your regional dog?

For Carbon County, I would have to vote for the Labrador, but as we all know, I am biased. I understand that loving labradors is a universal things and they are popular everywhere.

Then there are the Heelers. I never even heard of this breed until I moved to Utah. It has a Red and Blue version, that have nothing to do with their political view points. Besides in Carbon County, everyone is a Democrat no matter how you vote.

There are a lot of the herding breeds around here; Heelers, Austrian Sheperds or is that Austrialian Sheperds, (I really need to pop for that dog breed poster), collies, all the brands of spanials. But that might be a tradtion the Greek immigrants brought to this place. They came to bust the coal mine strikes of the Italians and brought their herding instincts with them. It cracks me up to think that I live in the middle of nowhere, but can get better Greek food than I had in Greek Town back in Chicago.

But it is the minitures that are taking over. I see more chihuahuas everyday, and I just babysat my first pug and then saw two more around town. My daughter even asked Santa for a weiner dog and two chihuahuas, one black, one brown. And I would like to thank the big guy for going for the Polly Pockets instead of the puppies.

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Paul said...

My friend just got a chocolate lab puppy that I posted on my Freaks of Nature blog. Labs are great dogs!