Sunday, April 09, 2006

Unrequited Love...

Goofy has decided to love someone his own size this weekend. And, NO, is it not me. Goofy is in love with Bull, a bull mastif. Bull is currently the same size as Goofy, but he has yet to grow into his head.

But as usual, this is a unrequited love for Goofy. I'm the only one who actually loves him. Because, Bull only has eyes for Jager, who is small, fluffy, and black. (This would normallly be who Goofy would be in love with.)

Jager, who is too old for this, is having nothing to do with either of them.

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Semavi Lady said...

Jager's face is *precious*!

Wow, another place to see fun doggie pictures! Thanks for visiting. And you are bookmarked now. :)