Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I thought I knew BB....

But I never had her all to myself before.

BB is the only dog in the kennel today. I think she is a bit bored with just me, so I tried to get my dogs to play with her. I think she is bored with them also. Not for long, though, she has a buddy showing up early tomorrow.

I never get to love on BB until she is going into her kennel. BB always gets to be the last one in and she gets an allover rub down before she steps foot in her kennel. She really has done a great job in training me.

I decided it was safe to sit down for a playtime with only one dog and I got more BB lovin' than I have in the past 5 years. This is what I learned about BB.

First, she is a licker. Trying to pet her is an extreme effort in getting your hands washed. It is just a bit too cold for that much dog spit.

Second, she is a bird-dog. I had her out trying to squeeze in one more play time before the rains hit and she was barking straight up into the sky. I thought she was barking at the thunder, but it was a dove on the power lines. She dashed across the play yard chasing a couple of other doves that flew by only to return to barking at the first one. When thunder finally scared that dove up, BB shot after it like she really had a chance at catching it.

Third, BB really is the smartest dog I have ever met. All summer long, BB has been leaving her blankets outside. I have tried to put them back in her inside run, but she takes them right back out to the outside run. Last weekend, we had some rain and when I went down to the kennel after it had ended, I noticed that BB had her blanket inside and perfectly dry. Smart Dog! Well, once might have been a fluke. Seeing her do it again this time, means she knows what she is doing. Very Smart Dog!

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