Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Matched Set

Not only does BB have a friend to play with, she practically has herself to play with. I often notice dogs that don't look alike but are virtual twins in personality. BB and Smokey are those kind of twins.

Not only to they play together and wrestle together with a lot of the same moves and maneuvers; they respond to affection and delivery affection in the same manner.

Lovin' on these dogs runs a high risk of bruising on me. Start scratching or rubbing on Smokey and he turns on the wiggles, revs up his tail, and starts bouncing. Petting BB starts her curling around and around you, and she turns on a tail that is more of a fur covered steel cable. Now, make the mistake of thinking that you have two hands and can pet two dogs at the same time and try it with these will be lucky if you can stay on your feet. That is just too much dog to try to pet at the same time.

Getting love from BB usually involves a paw to the heart, "The Flying Leap of Love" as I have dubbed it. Smokey has his own variation of "The Leap"; it is a two pawed affair with now discernible pattern of where it lands except that it lands on me and threatens to knock me over.

I guess it is all good - BB isn't bored anymore, Smokey is having a great time, and I have a few more bruises than normal.

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