Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dogs aren't the only Wild Life around Here

There were a total of 9 does, and one buck in my bottom pasture. The dogs don't even phase them. The buck was either a 4-point or an 8-pointer. I know you count one way here in Utah and another way back in Illinois, I just can't remember which. He had a total of 8 points.

I took these pictures at 3:30. When I went back down around 5:30pm the deer were still in my bottom pasture. I had seen 5 of the does cross the stream and head toward the bluff. They were on the benches above the stream when I went back into the house. While I was gone those 5 must have returned to the orchard along with the buck and the other 4 that never left. That is until my phone ringing startled the buck. They aren't bothered by the dogs, or by me, but the phone spooked them.

And of course, it was a another recording calling me to tell me not to vote for Referendum 1. Oh Please! If we could just have all the money spent on getting me to vote for it plus all the money spent trying to get me to vote against it and give it all to the public schools - we'd have the highest per student money in the country.

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