Tuesday, October 16, 2007

These Girls are Very Serious about Their Dinner!

These two are the fastest eaters I have ever seen. They inhaled every breakfast and dinner the exact same way, it only about 20 seconds.

Along with breakfast and dinner, the girls get a raw hide chew at mid-day. On Sunday, I made the mistake of giving them their treats before play time. There was no way that they were going to leave that chew behind and risk having their sister get it. Rawhides in the play yard is a 'no-no'. They lead to fights, so I took the chews off them and dropped them back into their run. So much for playtime, those two spent the rest of the time staring into their dog run.

I know why now. As soon as Aspen got into the kennel she got her chew and was trying to get the second one in her mouth when I removed it and gave it to Alexi. Just a bit of competition between these two.

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Z said...

They eat like my family at Thanksgiving!