Sunday, October 07, 2007

Group Dynamics

Since I opened my kennel, I get a daily lesson in group dynamics. It is funny how much one dog can change the whole mood at the kennel.

Have a group that isn't playing together and add BB and then everyone is having fun.

Have a barky kennel and then Tessie goes home and everything quiets down.

Invariably, adding a new dog mean that I missed my photo or film opportunity. I will find myself watching playtime, thinking 'I have got to remember the camera next time.' But by the time the 'next time' comes the dynamic has changed and the photo is lost. This weekend, it was what happened with Shilo. I'm still going to write it up, it just would have been better with some film footage.

I lose a lot of blogging material to this. I have just got to start bringing the camera all the time.

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